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Hey Bill! Huge fan of MST3K and RiffTrax and I'm looking forward to your new podcast! Do you have a favorite riff that you wrote or one that one of the other MST3K/RT staff wrote?

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That's one of my favorite movies that you guys riffed on, and that line was gold! Sometimes the cheapest, low-brow jokes are the funniest ones.

Didn't know that about the actor connection to LOTR, that's awesome!

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In the episode where you riffed on boggy Creek 2 and The legend continues, you played on a guitar and sang a song about a swamp creature. that song has been stuck in my head for years because it's so catchy! Have you ever been in a band or played professionally?

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Some members of the Tea Party want to disband the EPA altogether. If one of these people suddenly have some sort of power (such as a seat in the HoR) to take this action, what would you do to prevent that from happening?

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Thanks for making a (so far) great series!

My question for Jonathan: how do you prepare for acting as Mike? Is there a process for you to "get into character"?