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Hey /u/Seanseaevans! Let me just start with a huge thank you for all the support for r/Hotones. /u/Alexrock88, /u/PrettyBoyFlizzy, and I have had a blast building this Reddit community around your fantastic show and the general user base you generate is much friendlier than that of other internet hosts so kudos! I've got a three parter for you if you don't mind.

1) What is the one event you would attribute the most to "getting your foot in the door" to the career you are currently on?

2) What ever happened with the Aussie knockoff that you spoke to Bert about?

3) Are there any plans to either be on Joe Rogan's Podcast or have him on your show in the future?

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Damn, barely recognized you lol. I think the shaved head suits you better though honestly.