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matt3x1664 karma

Dr. Brin, I also wanted to thank you the work you have produced over the years. I read Earth when it came out and something you put in that book has stayed with me since: It was a small blurb, barely mentioned, where Professor Wolling was logging into her computer and you wrote where citizens had to subscribe to a minimum amount of news or lose the right to vote. What I really appreciated was the surprise factor where news items that didn't meet the threshold were place into her news feed anyway. It was because of that I began to read things that were not only not interesting to me, but also contrary to my opinions. This has helped me change my thoughts on numerous topics over the years and hopefully made me a better person.

Also, I am currently re-reading Kiln People (my second copy of the book) and just love that you put out such rollicking good action books with such a large amount of thought provoking material. I can't wait to read Existence.