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mats_o4213 karma

I'm on a Surface to and would love to see the new Edge being as good as the old one

mats_o426 karma

may I sugest porting the emulation "tab" from classic Edge. Easy to use and understand. As a bonus -we are used to it already

mats_o426 karma

when will you get the following features done as standard functionality?

  1. The favorites button . It's a showstopper as long as it's missing
  2. the submenu of the favorites button
  3. The yelllow favorites folders - white on white is terrible UX on a tablet or make it changeable
  4. A setting to select if the global media control should be shown or not
  5. A function to prevent webpages from overriding right click. If I want to right click - open in new tab there should be no way for the page to prevent it. It's my computer - not theirs (IE11, Edge classic, firefox and i believe safari will let me chose. Chromium will not)
  6. the rest of the classic edge gui

Edge needs to have it's own look and feel on top of the blink engine and a few killer features like the ones above. If it looks and feels like Chrome - there is no reason to use it over Chrome.

mats_o424 karma

Thanks Colleen but as I read that page it requires GPO:s. My request is for a non-Enterprise environment aka stand alone boxes, home edition and so on. They still surf to pages that wont work without IE today

mats_o423 karma


Running Canary as my default browser.

I think a mix of the Edge Gui and Chromium Engine can be a real Winner. Userfriendly, manageble and with a rich extension flora. Currently I got a scriptblocker, adblocker and user agent switcher installed