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This is the only country in the world where you can make fun of the most powerful people in the country to their face.

Uhm. No it isn't :/

I get what you mean though ^_^

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Are all the businesses in central London aligned with MI5 because they're <5km from their HQ?

That's just where all the prestigious offices are going to be anyway.

Anyway, they probably do work closely with the RU govt. And other security companies & independents elsewhere work with their nation states. It's not really something people in the industry have an issue with, it's assumed all nations are doing that anyway by now otherwise they're idiots and it's not particularly difficult to game theorize about their activities in order to mitigate them (low hanging fruit is sorting out security issues in private establishments now, to protect a nation).

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Hey, I've had a very partially sighted friend and a fully blind lecturer at uni. You don't have to feel sorry for them (generally), just be accomodating in practical ways if you encounter them - like any other disability.

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Uhm, isn't that far less than even the cheapest ISPs/connections in the world are charging their customers?

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This honestly seems very unlikely.

The modelling doesn't suggest that Covid has been spreading earlier than China have been saying.

I myself have had slightly worse colds/etc. this winter than some prior though. It happens. Everyone is also always getting older.