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Isn't it kind of presumptuous considering the multitudes of alternate or off-label uses for medications?

The pharmacist went to school for six years to get their Doctorate of Pharmacy. They are the absolutely last line of defense when it comes to you and your medication. They studied medication and what it does to the body and how it interacts. They are the specialist and many times know things about medications that doctors don't know and potential interactions can be discovered and avoided during pharmacist-patient consultation.

My personal favorite were the doctors prescribing augmentin for penicillin allergic patients.

"Does little Susy have any allergies?"

"Yes. Penicillin."

stare at the scrip. look at huge line behind mom and screaming kid, sigh heavily, apologize profusely, summon Pharmacist.


Rph: "Has she had augmentin before?"

Mom: "NO. And it's not your business!"

Rph: "If she's allergic to penicillin she can have the same reaction to the augmentin because they're in the same family. I can give you the scrip back or call the doctor. I'm not filling this otherwise."

That's about the point Mom turns red and then white as she finally understands that the doctor just wrote for a medication that might cause an allergic reaction in her two year old.

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Of late, generalization incoming, everything I hear and read about Catholic nuns is along the lines of them just being really awesome and realistic about life. "We know you're going to have pre-marital sex without any intention of reproducing for God. We'd rather you didn't, our faith says not to...but if you are, don't be stupid."

I'm sure which sisterhood they are in plays a part in that.

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Theater girls, plus the whole workplace romance thing, plus the knight factor, and that leaves you with about ONE princess during my time there that didn't sleep with at least a couple of the knights.

Theatre is notorious for workplace romances. My god, in my theatre department in college, just about everyone had slept with everyone over the course of four years. We were all such little sluts.

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The Green Knight I saw in SoCal was dual wielding swords and it. was. hot.

Did you dual wield?

edit: omfg. dual. not duel. wtf brain.

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There is one part of the final fight in the new show (the one out now) where the green knight and the champion gets to do a dual-wielding battle.

I've only been once but when the screen was rolled down before the fights, I knew shit was about to get real, very very real. When the final battle started and I saw the Green Knight whip out those blades, I got the vapors. So to speak. Something is wrong with me, I find weaponry sexy.