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Wow man. I have a similar story.

I too was a downhill skateboarder, or long boarder as we call them. 45-55 was my usual speeds. My 2 buddies and I would go everyday to this hill far off in the forest with nobody around. It was about a quarter mile, and full of straight aways and hairpins. The last time I ever went I was the back guy. My friend P was the lead and G was in the middle. P is filming this run from the front.

By the last hairpin we are going about 40 and one needs to drop low to even make it but it is still a really close call. I got a phone call right before the run so I stayed back for a second while they went. As I finally approached the last hairpin turn, I noticed I only saw P in the final straightaway. As I looked down G's board was in the mud. I stopped and looked for about 2 minutes before I found him 10 yards into the forest.

He had clipped his backwheels in the mud and been bucked off. Forehead into concrete at 45mph. Bounced off his head flipped several feet into the air before hitting his face on a tree and body on another 10 yards into the forest.

Scariest thing of my life walking into find my friend bleeding and what I thought was dead. He gained consciousness but had no memory. Thank god the paramedics found out where we were when we called. They said 5 more minutes and he would have died.

Turns out he had a 9 inch skull fracture, some brain damage and lots of just small cuts. After 2 weeks in intensive care he recovered.

I had heard about this stuff happening before but as never thought it would happen to me. This really changed my views on the sport. Helmets and protection is the only way to go.

And to think I have hit hills going 45 no helmet... Gives me shivers thinking about my stupidity.

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This is true. I have not really boarded since then accept just some LDP which is my favorite sub now.

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Just wanted to say the game is awesome and the music really adds to making it awesome.