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They take a cut of 5 % of the subscription fee, according to their website.

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This almost sounds to good to be true. I hope you succeed!

Are you planning to make this app like a spotify but for writers and writing?

Do you, or do you plan to, have scientific articles in your app?

Will this app ever be compatible with reading devices such as kindle?

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After working in customer service, marketing and sales for 13 years with a complex product: Try to find way to explain your product in one sentence. You shouldn't necessarily use that sentence to explain the product to everyone, but if you can't explain it in one simple sentence to each other, then making the typical internet user understand it, who is bombarded with info all the time, is nigh on impossible. This sentence should be what you base other explanations of; i.e. FAQ questions and answers. Experiment with different sentences and try to shorten it as much as possible. This could provide elegant marketing slogans and good guidelines for several things later on.

And with regards to sales; don't focus to much on the reasonable aspect. If you want to reach a broader audience, the emotional aspect is much more important. Consider also ESG-related impact and let people know!

Just my two cents.