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What was the weirdest customer experience you ever had in that store?

What was the best?

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Do you have any inside stories on how this tracking data has been abused already to the detriment of the user? E.g. any real-life consequences of hidden/passive data tracking?

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If I recall correctly that story was not specifically related to location tracking on phones, but shopping patterns & a store membership program.

( Edit: Which makes sense based on the wording of my question. The context of the thread is more about app / location tracking, right? )

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I like to use keepass with the encrypted password file saved in a dropbox folder. This way it's not on a password company's cloud and I can open the password file from all devices.

Even if my dropbox would get breached - e.g. an employee gets access to my files - you can't do much without the master password.

Master password is also ridiculously long ( but easy to remember )

Edit: Clarified "it's not on somebody else's cloud"

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Again yes - that's what the article is about... this is however still about shopping patterns / customer segmentation mainly based on basket analysis. Not location / app tracking behaviour ( primarily ).

I'm aware of this type of tracking, my wife actually worked on customer segmentation analysis for big retailers + coupon bombarding. That's definitely a thing, I agree.

But the thread is more geared towards location tracking in your app.

I'm looking for specific examples where the passive location tracking data was abused to the detriment of the user.