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massiveyacht39 karma

Hey guys, congratulations on an excellent final! Both superb bots and it was a pleasure to watch.

Marco, how damaged was Minotaur going into the final? Was any of the damage in the preceding fights a factor in you losing power?

Paul, how on earth does Bite Force hit so hard compared to other vertical spinners? And how much of an impact did your team have in keeping the robot operational between fights?

massiveyacht19 karma

I feel like these fights are won and lost in the pits, so well done for all your hard work!

massiveyacht17 karma

That’s a shame! It was a great fight and you guys are a fantastic team. Looking forward to seeing you back in season 4

massiveyacht14 karma

Thanks for replying! Was the choice of a lower KE for reliability reasons? For example, Monsoon’s original bar seemed to have a frightening initial hit but broke down easily

massiveyacht6 karma

Paul, why did you change from the Etek drive for the weapon into the quad magmotor configuration? Does it help with spin up time?