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<The Andalite Chronicles changed my whole perspective on shit. The ellimist, the strands of time, Al Fangor.....soooo good. I also loved the Hork Bajir Chronicles.

When I was in first and second grade I was put in a "remedial" english class. I started reading the animorphs books in '96, devouring one after the other, and by the end of third grade I was kicking ass at reading. To this day I always think about how instant messaging, texting, fb chat, etc. all equal thoughtspeech! You ever think about that?

I'm 23 now, and am in law school. Honestly, K.A., I wouldn't be here without you. Thank you!>

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Boker tov Danny! What book had the most influence on Israeli Foreign Policy under your administration between the Book of Isaiah, Theodor Herzl's the Jewish State, Hitler's Mein Kamph, or something else?