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You and me both, grandma!

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I think it's excellent that you can speak openly about this now. My father had a similar incident where he killed a woman and her baby who was also stuck in cross fire.

It took 40 years for him to talk about this with his family, and it has certainly improved his mental well being.

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If only she knew what you were doing just a minute before replying to her comment... you naughty, naughty... NAUGHTY boy.

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My Vietnam vet father (Australian) was also spit on when he returned for leave before his second tour.

The war was televised, and there was a large anti-war movement in Australia, much the same as what happened in the US.

Thankfully, although it still is present today, people in general have learned not to protest a soldier, but to protest government or the system. Hopefully incidents like these are not prevalent in today's society as they were 40 years ago.

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My father served in the 3rd cavalry regiment, commanding a section of armored APC based out of Nui Dat in the South. (An Australian)

Last year, he and I revisited Vietnam for the first time in 40 years for my father, after having served 3 tours. It was an emotional visit and a bonding experience.

Have you ever thought about returning to Vietnam, perhaps with your own son or daughter?

Did you meet any Australian soldiers during your tour? What were they like?