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I pay some of the cameramen/crew extra for being awesome people.

Wait, what? Why are you paying crew and camera guys? Isn't that the director's responsibility? Or whoever is paying you?

So, on a $400 gay porn shoot, you get $200, less whatever you give to the crew and camera guys?

Left with $100, government got $30 of that for taxes.. now you've got $70... had to spend $20 for gas back and forth.. Now it's $50... $50 to get buttrammed by a dude for 7 hours, $7.14 an hour to get buttrammed.. Yeah, maybe working a minimum wage job isn't such a bad thing..

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"Hi fellow former crack and heroin addicted baby here."

That's a great intro..

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He ripped a huge hit off his bong and simply forgot. His response is a monster cloud of weed smoke.

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Have you thought about doing the whole thing at once, while only resting at night?

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Have you put speed holes in the car yet?