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Thanks for doing this!

  • Can you guys dazzle us geeks with some fascinating computer tech systems/specs/toys that you guys are using for your missions so we can feel envious?

  • I understand Apollo 11 didn't have much computer power on board when it went to the moon--how much computer power do you guys have in an SpaceX spacecraft?

Thanks for rocking us to space! \m/

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Was the experience what you had expected?

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Phil, this is interesting. Care to elaborate about the "whole mess of crazy"?

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  • Can you tell us what type of laws did not apply to your reservation?
  • How much land did each family have and did they have to buy it?
  • How many people were at your reservation?
  • What did people do for work or money?
  • Is living in a reservation more conservative or liberal than ling in California?

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Hey man, congrats on your cool project. I visited your website, and I believe you should title your notes with a catchy title summarizing the narrative as opposed to just STORY ID #0559. It will be better for SEO and it should increase your readership. :)