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My depression symptoms really seem to feed on each other in evil ways: when I'm depressed I genuinely feel like I let everyone down and am a constant disappointment; I also withdraw and *do* disappoint people by not keeping up with social and other obligations. When I'm depressed, I feel like I am a huge burden to people; I also *am* a burden to people because I need people to do basic stuff like buy me food or take over some portion of work. What recommendations do you have for breaking the negative thought loops when actions and thoughts really do reinforce each other like this?

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Hi, long-time sufferer, first-time commenter. So 20% of the population had a diagnosed mental health issue five years ago, and that's risen since. Many more must be undiagnosed. Is it time to think more public healthishly about broad prevention (like earlier/opt-out screening?) and better systems of care (like increased access and some way to get providers to actually take insurance)? If so, whose arm do I twist?

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Thanks, this is a really thoughtful and helpful answer.

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Wow, thank you, these examples of thinking distortions are really useful. I've seen them before, but putting them in context like that really helps me make sense of them. I really appreciate it.