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How can the hyperloop tech help the medium distance commute, for example from Fremont to San Francisco (~40miles) ?

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Two questions:

  1. How do I explain simply to people not working in tech that net neutrality is important? Many seem to easily accept the idea that it is only natural to pay more for bandwidth consuming apps e.g. Netflix so bandwidth limit etc are a good thing.

  2. Why companies like Netflix, Google not trying to build ISPs/suspend their plans and the supposed free market is unable to stop advances from Comcast & ATT?

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This is a perfect troll question I would like to see answered :)

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Unfortunately and expectedly, they are not blocking anything.. just slowing it down enough that people drop out of those sites. Personally to me the issue is at a technical level, why do they need to decode my request? The 7 layers of networking are supposed to be independent.