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manudattaraya32 karma

Is flash photography prohibited at your museum ?

manudattaraya27 karma

Here's a genuine political question about you.

Do you expect to win ? What are the odds ? Why do you think that you might dethrone the PM ?

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Hi sir ,

A couple of questions 1. Safari , Chrome , IE or Firefox ? Which do you prefer ?

  1. Many countries in the world , including mine (India) , are clamping down on freedom of the web. Recently a documentary was taken down (BBC). Do you / Can you / Will you persuade US , UK , any other countries in the world believing in freedom of speech and internet to use diplomatic channels to ensure the freedom of your baby - the Internet ?

  2. Your thoughts on internet based currencies , specifically Bitcoin. And your thoughts on TOR.

  3. Your thoughts on copyright laws. And is the penalty for downloading illegal stuff excessively hard ?

  4. Have you ever been interrogated by customs regarding your activities while flying across the world ? Most Internet activists are.

manudattaraya24 karma

Do you think that your life could turn out to be like that of that guy from 'Kill the messenger' ? Do you feel threatened ?

manudattaraya10 karma

  1. Were your family told that you were dead ?
  2. Or did the doctor just arrive at the conclusion and was like 'What the hell ?'
  3. Do you think that you are possibly immortal ? 😁