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Hello Mr. Handler

1) How planned out was the story for A Series of Unfortunate Events when you started writing? Did you have the basic plotline of all 13 books planned out from the beginning, or did you develop the story as you wrote them?

2) Related to that, the first 7 books follow a consistent pattern (children moved to a new location, Olaf puts on a disguise and finds them, they get moved to new location), and then the 8th book onwards each book is a bit more unique. Was that the plan from the beginning, or were you originally planning each book to follow that pattern and then decide to mix things up later on?


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Thank you very much for your response!

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What were your thoughts on Dennis Kucinich? Especially him saying he saw an alien?

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Hello Mr. Nguyen! I am a big fan of Birdemic. I had two questions

1) I was wondering what your favorite films are? Can be of any quality.

2) What software did you use for the special effects in Birdemic?