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According to this article in The Guardian early reports are that 90% have voted in favour.

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Yes. Status quo has served the world very well hasn't it.

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Not from Spain either and not really clued up on what is going on but happened to see that article before reading this thread so figured I'd share when I saw people talking about poll results.

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Just how big is the sunrise movement and how are they disseminating their messages to other young people? I'm not so young anymore (although I share the same concerns and passion) so I perhaps am not aware of the channels they use. But I see that on Facebook they have less than 50,000 likes, no substantial following on Instagram and 1,000 subscribers on Instagram.

I would think that even if they are reaching a targeted audience through other channels it would be madness to not use these huge markets to reach more people and engage with the people who feel the same way as they do.