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Hi, Mike!

First things first, wanted to say thanks for being here. Two questions for you:

1) Love him or hate him, Trump's November rally in Lexington drew an undeniably-large crowd of fervent supporters, eager to hear what he had to say. I don't think it's a huge logical leap to say that most, if not all, of this crowd plans to continue their support, by proxy, with a vote for Mitch.

Winning the KY seat means turning out the Dem vote but more crucially, I think, flipping GDP voters-- even moreso than Andrew's primary run. How do you convince that particular chunk of the electorate that they're not voting in their best interests without alienating them?

2) I reckon you've been working with Liam for a few weeks now. How's your impression of him? Lol

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No, I don't do the moonwalk. I don't do any kind of walk.

Jfc, that's perfect