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isoHunt was the first torrent site I found.
Its search always preformed and it had so much.
It began my life as a swashbuckler and never gave me scurvy.

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If you could update, revamp, or otherwise change the torrent protocol what would you like to see?

Is torrenting the final step in peer to peer file sharing?
Do you think it is possible or worthwhile to change the denotation of torrenting with piracy?

How detailed are your logs and how do you curate and or control the torrents listed?

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Where do you see the copyright industry going if your suit is successful?
What do you think about software patents?
Why did you found isoHunt?
How do you foresee isoHunt evolving to the response and consequences of the case?
How big is the team you work with? Is there a physical office?

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Thank you for the concise, yet sufficient answers.

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I can't tell if you're serious or not. By combination of internet communication and me being a freshman in college.