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The hardest part of this question is knowing where the line is. There are so many things I can't say.

One easy example: at OkCupid, we spent a lot of time having fun, playing around with the site's content. There's always been an essay question on OkCupid: "The Six Things I Could Never Do Without..." This was a poke a Nerve, which at the time was a popular dating site. They had a similar question, but about 5 things.

Well, one day someone jokingly changed it to say "Things I think about while masturbating..." on 1 in N pageloads. (I think N was 100 or 1000.) So every once in a while you'd see that heading followed by "Hall & Oates" or "my computer" or "my dog, Tilly."

I had to take it down when a guy in a divorce proceeding had a screenshot of it presented to a judge with "my kids" underneath it, by his wife. I had to provide a letter to the judge explaining the whole thing.

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Yes, that's specifically what we made enemy percentages for.

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I think people can be pretty clearly partitioned into ~7 billion personality types.

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Congrats, again! I would consider it if you send me the details. (My email address is pretty easy to find.)

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Beyond a certain scale it is hard to appreciate. But I have a number of close friends and family who are in excellent relationships because of OkCupid. That's what feels best.