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Truly authentic restaurants rarely make as much money as ones catered to their demographic. This is especially true in areas like Florida. You can get away with authentic restaurants really only if:

  1. You live in an area with a lot of that ethnicity, and they are largely at least middle class, which is extremely rare.

  2. Your food is sufficiently good it would do well even if you had opened this restaurant in your home area.

  3. You live close to a major Urban area where people are seeking authentic food hard enough they are willing to forgo their own taste preferences. I.E.(You have a lot of hipsters, yuppies, weabos, well traveled "social elite", etc.)

  4. Cost of authentic ingredients is not particularly high.

Over all you are usually best off creating a menu that caters to your demographic, and maybe have one or two authentic dishes plus some specials for the more adventurous.

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I lived in San Francisco and in Beijing.

San Francisco DOES have some authentic places. But not many. But you have to remember American Chinese food was all basically invented in San Francisco. So it only makes sens that San Francisco would have San Francisco food.

Also a lot of Chinese people are not nessesarily the best judge of what is authentic Chinese food. China is HUGE and their food is incredibly diverse. What seems in authentic to people from Canton might be totally authentic Szechuanese food.

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Oh hi Mark.

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Oh so you are superb at keeping up appearances too? You think you are better than me?