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Depending on my co worker, I like to have sex in between takes.

Errr what exactly does that mean?

Also, 2 hours for makeup? For porn? What exactly do they do?

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Thanks for replying. I usually don't assume the worst in people but in this case I just got a bad vibe and decided better safe than sorry as far as my kid is concerned. Her teeth are fine by the way :)

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I'm from India and we've had some serious cases of gang rape, child rape, public rape etc. in major cities recently that have created a huge public debate on the whole issue of women's rights in this country, which is a good thing. However, the common thread in all these incidents is that not one victim is ever identified by name or face. If she or any member of her family talks to the press, it's under a pseudonym or with faces pixellated out. My personal view -and I may be wrong here- is that the more you do such things the more you acknowledge that there is some "shame" in being raped. In fact there is an op-ed in the leading English language daily today that supports the view that survivors of rape and sexual assault could send a positive message by not shielding their faces and their identities from the public. This point of view of course is accompanied by several disclaimers since it is bound to be controversial and by no means does the author (or me) support a rape survivor being "exposed" against her will.

As a survivor yourself, what are your views on this?

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I took my 7-year old to a local dentist who came highly recommended for children's treatments. The guy hugged my little girl and even kissed her on the cheeks, sat her on his lap while examining her. I was right there, along with another adult (who didn't seem to think it was anything out of the ordinary). It really upset me and I did not schedule any more appointments. Maybe he was just an affectionate dude and I am overreacting. But having read this post, am relieved that I acted the way I did.

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You're sweet but...no