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Any advice for dealing with your parents separating? I'm in my mid-20s so at least it's not the same trauma I'd be experiencing as a kid, but it came very out of the blue - my dad just ended it one night. He's not having an affair but it's hurt my mum pretty bad, and I feel like I'm kinda caught between being emotional support for my mum and still trying to keep a relationship with my dad. I'm single and an only child, so it sort of feels like my entire family has disintegrated. I sometimes wonder whether I should see a counselor about it but it feels, I dunno, almost selfish when it really is their problem to sort through and they're experiencing it so much more intensely than I am.

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Hi Richard - I'm curious as to what discussion there's been around the production and distribution of medicinal marijuana. Is this something that's going to sit purely with big pharmaceuticals, smaller dispensaries, or outsourcing from local growers? Will those allowed access to medicinal marijuana be permitted to produce small quantities strictly for their own use - particularly as it is therapeutic and not actually a cure?

Thanks for doing this AMA - really enjoying watching you as the leader these last few months, you're bringing a sense of level-headedness and compassion that is sorely missing from the government and most of the opposition.

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Scott, the Greens do some amazing work and I'm proud to say I support them. What's the general feel in the party at the moment RE: the Abbott government - can we actually hope for anything positive for the next two years, or are we better off minimising the harm and holding out for a potential PM Shorten (or god willing and the creek don't rise, PM Milne)?

PS. Thanks for taking the time out to do this - I can't think of any other Aussie politician who engages with our generation so earnestly and efficiently.