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I was really sorry to hear about your death


How did this effect your career?

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I am a father of identical twin girls. They are 15 months old now.

Any advice you wish to give?

My little girls - http://imgur.com/3CQDr

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I was in Seattle this past week for a work trip.

I was really surprised at how many nice older cars were still on the road. In Ohio the salt would eat them alive.

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Just curious - why not an empty syringe to cause an air embolism?

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Good luck.

My wife is 24 and has the same issue. She tried doing an IAMA before, both here and in CasualIAMA and it was filled with nothing but assholes that just don't understand its not something you can just turn off.

What has helped my wife immensely is... 1. Welbutrin 2. She shaved her head for about 6 months, to help try to break her of the sub-conscience habit of pulling. The welbutrin made the OCD urge go away, but it was still such a habit that she just did it without thinking. Having no hair helped break that. 3. She still has a bit of an issue with it, especially when she's stressed. She wears a baseball cap to help keep her hands away from her head.