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A show about NDAs... not sure even lawyers would enjoy that.

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Greetings from San Francisco! You've been alive through the greatest period of technological growth in history. What are your thoughts on its (technology) role on society? I ask, as I'm writing this on my phone, in a car that I hailed on my phone, soon to delivered half way across the world in under a second.

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Is the T-gel strong enough for body building purposes?

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I donate to Wikipedia but, apparently, you keep asking me to donate with that same special message. Any chance you could kill that fundraising message, after I've actually contributed? It's like a panhandler ask for spare change immediately after you've given them spare change.

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I have Comcast. You guys tell me I am close to my 250mbit connection. Do you have some kind of unholy peering arrangement with them? It's great I get that performance from you, but never from a hop through GTE, L3, or Cogent.