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magnagan290 karma

Sean! Love the show, been watching it since the first season.

My only question is: Is Scarlett Johansson as likeable and charismatic as she seems? She just seems like a super cool woman you could have beers with and just have a fun time

magnagan48 karma

Between her, Charlize and Terry Crews, those are my top 3!( Gordon Ramsey is in there also)

Keep up the great work bud!

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Grandma's boy is in my top 5 fave comedy flicks of all time! my question is: is there plans for a blu-ray release? My DVD looks like poop on my nice tv.

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I really enjoyed the doodler series. Do you have any more podcasts planned for the the future?

magnagan2 karma

I'm a patient man and you're awesome! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞