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It sounds like you didnt intentionally plan this field, what were you originally planning on doing? And are you glad you ended up doing this instead?

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Omg I TOTALLY remember you from disney channel shows! Your characters were hilarious! Did you get along with your costars? Who was most memorable? And is disney as difficult to work with as they say??

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Do you think coronavirus poses risk of fatality to people with strong immune systems or primarily immunocompromised like the elderly? What are we looking at and what should be our biggest concern?

And I'm fascinated to know about the other types of viruses you study but I dont know what to ask!

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That's so cool :) Emily osment always struck me as a really nice person.

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What do you find to be the best advantage and best technique to be mindful of in regards to meditation? I find meditation to be very difficult for me (adhd and anxiety makes it hard to find peace), any advice?