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maggie_magik1 karma

Hi guys! Thanks for doing this :) Creature Carnival is really amazing and I'm really grateful to have had to opportunity to be a Creature Captain in Chicago this past weekend.

Tommy, my question for you is how did Creature Carnival (and all of the other wild craziness that has happened for other tours on stage) come about? Do David, Zoe, and yourself think of a lot of the ideas on your own? It is such a magical spectacle, so I'm very curious how big the creative team is and who it consists of.

& for Simon! There is a terrible rumor that Shpongle Live will never return to the states... can you confirm or deny this? I would be a sad little kitty if I wont be able to bring some friends to see that performance. I was blessed with the opportunity to see you with the live band at Red Rocks, and I promised myself I would see you all again with my best friends eventually. Sooo, I'm really hoping this rumor isn't true.