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Mr. Zimmer,

How many times would you generally watch a film during the composition process of a Score?

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That's a fallacy. At Best Buy the margin on a new PC is somewhere in the 2-12% range. Margins on repair services are somewhere in the 90-100% range.

Best buy would rather charge you $150 to repair your PC than sell you a new one for $400 because they'll only get $10-50 from the sale of the new PC. The rest goes to the manufacturer. On a geek squad repair charge, they get all of the money.

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Mr. Taylor, Many of your works are seasonal in theme or title specifically. For example, September Grass is one of my favorite songs, and I listen to it almost daily from August through November. Additionally, Mexico is basically a Summer time staple on my iPod.

Is there a specific reason that you tend to involve the seasons in the themes of your works, winter, spring, summer, or fall?

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this deserves more upvotes.