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I remember hearing about the Titan II silos being sealed and the land sold off, but I thought that due to treaty restrictions (which didn't apply to the older Titan I silos that are still around and open) the deal was that the land owners could never dig them up. Am I remembering that wrong, or has something changed?

Not that any silo that has standing water in it is of any use for its intended purpose. I heard from a START inspector once that as long as they saw ground water in a silo, that was all they cared about. It meant the silo hadn't been maintained and wouldn't be feasible to put back in service.

I've also seen a number of Titan IIs launched. I have to wonder if that includes the one that came out of your silo.

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I worked at Vandenberg AFB. I'm sure they did test launches there, but that was way before my time. The ones I saw launched were 30 years old or more, refurbished for the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program.

In fact, here's a bit about it that probably isn't as funny if you didn't grow up in Southern California.

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I haven't seen anything in the AMA about the dance itself yet. What can you tell us about the native dance styles and how they vary between the tribes?

Hoop dance is the area that interests me most - I make LED hoops for performers and some of the multi-hoop moves are very much influenced by native hoop dance traditions.

There are very few modern hoop dance performers who do that sort of off-body work with more than about 5 hoops, though, and I've been told that 28 is traditional in native dance.

Obviously LED hoops are not a part of the native traditions, but it'd be fun to see what a skilled practitioner of the traditional dances could do with modern hoops and lighting design chosen to reflect their artistic heritage.

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I give up. What country calls it petrol and has 911 as the emergency number?

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Absolutely. There's also work to be found as a virtual personal assistant. I've got an ex-employee on the other side of the country that I'm seriously considering re-hiring for a few hours a day just to sort through my work email and generally keep tabs on online stuff for me.