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It also helps that fashion runs in cycles, so that jewellery that was sitting in a box for ages as it looked old fashioned is going to come back sooner or later, no need to buy new diamonds

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You might be thinking about the Orient Express. Also the TransSib is a railway route. You can take cheap, expensive and middle of the road trains. The expensive one doesn't stop often enough, the cheap one stops too often (and is a little bit too basic for such a long trip). But none of them are luxury trains. It's just a really long route with several train services along the way. A friend of my parents did the whole thing from the west coast of France via Paris & Berlin to Vladivostok. But he stopped often along the way to have showers and do sightseeing and probably stock up on food.

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I love Russian food. And we eat that meat in jelly in Germany as well. Often with beef tongue.

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I always thought that one was pretty but poisonous.

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Huh? I love the furniture because it is so easy to move! Just take it apart and it fits into a Polo. Rebuild at the other end. Some of my shelves moved with me across 2 countries and 12 house moves.