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yes, especially when it's consensual and for the sole purpose of procreation

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Hi, I'm the CEO of snake oil incorporated and I'm here to tell you that yes! kombuche and kefir are both excellent probiotics! So is regular plain yogurt, saurkraut, kimchi, kosher pickles, and any other traditional fermented food that you could find!

Sike! None of those things work at all. Buy our pills or die. Happy april fools.

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i have to go now, my planet needs me [boxxy died on the way to her planet]

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The "church" has ripped apart countless families and it's often not a situation you could describe as "cordial". I've known cult memebers to attempt to drug and kidnap family members during a schism. Just be thankful that you're young, you probably weren't going to stay with her anyway, and there were no children involved.

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So did Vivek get some strange, or what?