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You're ALWAYS ACTING. You put on a mask for your parents that is different than the mask that you put on for your friends or your SO. Figure out what mask is close to what is going on in the scene and put it on. With animation you have to create EVERYTHING through the voice. So you really have to disembody.

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He's the most Canadian Canadian I have ever met.

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Just get a Blue Yeti and put a towel over your head. Set it for monodirectional and set the gain low. Put a pencil perpendicular over your lips if you have a lot of plosives in the copy.

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Generally, you are the last person that hears your own voice. And you are getting the vibrations and bass from your voice passing through your body, so you have more bass in your ear than in a recording. The more you record yourself, the more you will pitch yourself to what you want to sound like than what you happen to sound like. Just as the more you work out the more you can target what you want to look like. So go get on a mic!

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