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Totally agreed. If even just some of our cities would fund education like they fund professional sports teams, maybe we wouldn't be in this situation. WTF.

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Yeah, it was just alternating periods of laughter and super awkward silence.

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The nerd in me is so happy that this is a real thing.

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As a Christian, just wanted to say thanks for doing this. Creationism is bad science, bad theology, and bad education.

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The Bible is a collection of writings of various genres - some of it's historical narrative, some of it's poetry, or wisdom lit, or prophecy. Not all of it - very little of it, in fact - is intended to be interpreted literally. I would point out that not even the Israelites would have understood the Creation story to be literally what actually happened - that wasn't the kind of question they were asking. In fact, if you have a Bible handy, (or go to biblegateway.com) and skim over Genesis 1 again. Does that chapter answer the question "How did the universe literally come into existence?", or does it answer "Who is God and how powerful is He?" I think you'll find it answers the second question rather better than the first.

Traditionally, Moses wrote down the first five books of the Bible during the Israelite exodus to the Promised Land. They'd been enslaved in Egypt for four hundred-plus years, and didn't really have any idea who God was, apart from some old stories passed down about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (their ancestors that God spoke to). So Moses needed to reintroduce the people of Israel to this strange new God that had just rescued them out of the most powerful nation of its time and crushed its armies. So he gave them the story of Genesis, which introduced to them who God was, how powerful He was, what man's relationship to Him was, and how they could be reconciled.

So, roughly to answer your question, I'm not denying the Bible at all - I'm understanding it in its proper context. Thanks for asking!