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Tried to read everything so far, but my main curiosity is what is it worth now?

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At what level of turbulence is a little nervousness justified?

I've flown a lot, but since a couple of particularly bumpy flights I've found myself pumping with adrenaline and paying attention to every tiny bump and noise.

I stare at the altitude display and direction and monitor every adjustment, if the pilot suddenly raises or lowers the altitude I start to think something must be bad enough to warrant it. I know I'm being a dumb dumb, but it doesn't stop my heart racing and the feelings of dread.

So, next time when I feel the bumps, hear the seatbelt sign bing, notice the changes of course or altitude changes, what do I need to know?

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Yeah op. Just dust the handle for prints. Head down to your local bag of dust and tiny brush warehouse if you dont have your own already. Tell them Jimmie sent you and he wants his coochie back. They'll know what it means.

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Well if ever someone on my next flight starts saying "one fifty four" I'm gonna brick it.

But just messing, that is really cool to see. I've always worried most about losing an engine or a storm, but I know both of those are quite well handled too.

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"Ooooh I'm sorry, it seems you like little bitch cartoon games, rather than man games. The little girls tea party AMA is that way /u/rawkers, you must have stumbled in here accidentally ."