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I am currently a theatre technician in college, set to graduate in one year with a BFA in Design and Tech. Any advice for ways to help secure jobs out of college? My focus is stage rigging and carpentry similar to you, but have a more diverse background than that(SM,Sound, props, and automation namely). Should I drive hard for that focus job, or should I expect to need to pick up stage management or stuff otherwise just to get my foot in?

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Awesome to hear! I currently have a foot in with my local IASTE once I graduate, and I have worked plenty of equity shows, so I think I’m gonna follow that up. Thank you so much!

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Are you located in USA or Canada? I may be able to help point you in the direction that could help her see the world of tech theatre a bit more broad, as there are plenty of theatre conferences across America dedicated to tech theatre.

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Thank you for the confidence boost! Next time I head up to Canada I’ll be sure to come by the theatre and see a show! Your job is exactly where I’m hoping to be, so thanks for the insight and future to look forward to! Great AMA!