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Hey I fly fpv drones (ones that you control by watching through goggles so you see what it sees). It's an amazing feeling as it literally feels like you are flying. Many times I have considered talking to camps like the one you are talking about, and seeing if they want me to come by and let the kids watch through the goggles. I thought it would be a cool thing for them, and a great experience - especially for the ones with mobility problems. Like, who DOESN'T want to fly, right?

What I wanted to know is:

- do you think this would be something that they would like?

- What is the best way to approach the camp??

-Are there any issues that you forsee (eg will they demand insurance, etc)

here's my channel so you can see the type of flying that I do and what it looks like:: http://www.youtube.com/mactacfpv


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Sounds very much like other law enforcement groups

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What is something that would surprise us or be unexpected about your job?

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I was on mtx for about a month for arthritis - I had an allergic reaction & got hives all over my stomach. It also made me throw up a lot. I ended up getting mtx injections instead - waaaaay better (although this was before the allergic reaction)

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Passion and knowledge are an inverse relationship. The more you know about an issue, the less passionate you are about it.

This made something click in my brain about politics. It's sort of a Dunning-Kruger thing.

thanks for this.