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Holy shit, I just realized Doran Martell is Dr. Bashir.

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This is such an excellent answer, I can see why you're editor-in-chief.

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What do you think the the most significant change in Magic since you left R&D? Do you like that change?

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(I saw you responded to another question from another redditor regarding basically the same question, but I am really not trying to be a troll here)

After the murder laws in Massachusetts where changed to allow Matthews to be tried as an adult.

Regardless of how horrible of a human being he is, how can he be tried according to a law that wasn't in effect when he commited the crime? The guy is clearly a monster and "deserved" what he got, but I am interested in how changing laws and then having them affect a crime that happened prior to the change can even happen in the US legal system and be seen as just.

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Will it be 100% science based? Will there be dragons?