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Holy shit, I just realized Doran Martell is Dr. Bashir.

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This is such an excellent answer, I can see why you're editor-in-chief.

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What do you think the the most significant change in Magic since you left R&D? Do you like that change?

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I think there is a nature vs. nurture argument to be made as to how much women's (and men's) choices are influenced by their upbringing and surroundings vs. how much their choices are influenced by genetic predisposition.

E.g. are men naturally more competitively minded than women (on average) or do men become more competitively minded due to the way they are raised and they see other men act?

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(I saw you responded to another question from another redditor regarding basically the same question, but I am really not trying to be a troll here)

After the murder laws in Massachusetts where changed to allow Matthews to be tried as an adult.

Regardless of how horrible of a human being he is, how can he be tried according to a law that wasn't in effect when he commited the crime? The guy is clearly a monster and "deserved" what he got, but I am interested in how changing laws and then having them affect a crime that happened prior to the change can even happen in the US legal system and be seen as just.