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Do you have any advice for felons reintegrating into society? My younger brother served 3 years for a string of miscellaneous felonies including various possession of narcotics/firearms charges, among other things. He has a GED only and no certified trade skills and has been working fast food for 3 years now, unable to find other employment (even Hardee's wouldn't hire a felon).

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He tried Lowe's and they weren't interested in hiring a felon. The support thing is definitely real, and he has little aside from myself. I don't really have any "ins" to any local industries or trades, unfortunately.

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Lol "purchase one"

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Thanks, I'll run that by him.

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I’ve seen a lot of anti-Israel demonstrations at American universities over the past few years. Usually every opinion held by demonstrators is absolute in nature with Israelis = bad and Palestinians = good.

My (naive) question is thus: is there a middle ground or is Israel solely responsible for the unrest in the region?