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There's always one proud Roman per thread, thumping his chest.

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ITT: people whose personal value perceptions are way off.

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The brass is used to trim the aircraft to make up for the suction when their butts pucker.

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Not that you need my confirmation, but I actually visited your pueblo on a trip to New Mexico, and the thing that most struck me during that visit was the willingness to speak with me and answer genuine questions regarding the relevance of art pieces, ritual ceremonies, and food found at the pueblo. My white guilt spurs me on to show not all European descendants are ignorant and arrogant, but I truly felt welcome. I also ate some truly wonderful, non-processed food that was just normal daily fare.

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"Questionable". You kip usin tha werd. I do not thin it mins wha you thin it mins.

EDIT: Does NOBODY in reddit anymore know The Princess Bride?