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Are there standard & well-tested ways of training young children to think critically? How can we encourage this for those children where parents & teachers seem to be strongly discouraging them from learning these mental skills?

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I'm assuming that "repetition" in this context would include repeated examples like the Tree Octopus?

I have a strong memory of one English teacher (~9th Grade) who gave a very serious presentation of Aristotle's Theory of Crystal Spheres, and pushed a great deal of his authority towards convincing the class that it was the Crystal Sphere Theory which was correct, and the whole gravity-based Copernicus/Kepler view of the Solar System was a grand hoax perpetrated by the elite.

He could be fairly intimidating when he got intense, and he made full use of it. To my dismay, by the time he was done (over 2 hour-long sessions), over 60% of the class said they were no longer sure which theory made more sense.

It made a big impression on me on how easy it was for someone who was considered to be an authority figure could bend the viewpoint of a group of people as long as they were utterly confident about whatever B.S. they were spewing.

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a preexisting disturbance that provides spin and where winds are relatively calm above that disturbance.

Would there be a way to detect these seed disturbances (like a network of buoys and/or solar-powered drones) & mark them as potential starts, or is this a case of butterfly-actions too small to anticipate until they've already grown to recognizable storm status?

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Is it possible to do something like order a variety of lab-grown diamonds a la carte through Amazon (or an online equivalent)? Or will it be soon?