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Yeah, this was going to be my follow-up question: So you're actually pushing buttons on a controller? How far off do you think we are from being able to control the implants directly from your brain?

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even that probably won't hurt you that much.

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Obviously, this technology is an amazing development for people like you who have sustained major injuries and are now given a new opportunity to regain lost function, but do you have any concerns about how this technology could be used to augment "normal" people? Is this a question that comes up in your advocacy or are we still a long way off from "superhuman cyborgs" or whatever?

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How do the Net Neutrality concerns play into the TWC/Comcast merger? Is there an increasing awareness of NN as a result of the merger announcement? Could concerns about NN derail the merger? At least part of my question arises from the "competitors" Comcast claims they have (which they really don't), and whether concerns about the NN concerns related to the merger could result some kind of real competition in broadband.

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She noticed :) but thanks.