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What or who helped you deal with life after you fled Poland? How did you move forward?

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I remember reading The Things They Carried for an English class in college. It broke my heart with how beautiful it was.

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Huh. Voluntourism is a new term for me, but it fits this perfectly. This seems ludicrous.

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What about the responses that removing the app would make it more difficult for women, not less? I see your response above that your main interest is to get rid of the guardianship program entirely, but removing an app won't accomplish that, and the app itself is your focus both on your website as in this AMA.

Why focus on the app, which helps women, then? Why not focus on the fact that women need permission in the first place?

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For animals like chickens, pigs, and cows, do you think they would survive if we did not farm them? In other words what do you see as the next steps if we were to move towards lab grown meat as a society? Is there any concern that the animals previously used for meat would simply have nowhere to live? That's been my worry.