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Isn't Birth of a Nation a film about the creation of the KKK?

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Thank you for restoring dignity to this mummy. If I were it, and an angry spirit...and modest, I wouldn't want my junk all out there. I don't know though. Maybe this mummy was an exhibitionist and like having it's package out there and now your cursed.

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What was it like seeing Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls for the first time? Were you in contact with her then? If so, what did you tell her?

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FYI they're on the amazon streaming music service that comes with your prime membership.

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What is your secret to the longevity of your marriage? In retrospect, if you were to cease to be tomorrow, are you, with all your triumphs, fullfilled with your life or do you feel you have more to offer this experience?