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As someone whose father died recently of cardiovascular disease, thank you.

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like a soft serve chocolate ice cream machine

I bet holding his legs made you feel like you were operating one. Now I can't get that picture out of my head. Where is Sure_Ill_Draw_That when you need him!?

edit: Sure_Ill_Draw_That fails to disappoint. WE LOVE YOU, MAN.

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Feel better? I also must say I was expecting a poop that took up an entire toilet bowl. I'm a little disappointed, but you slew the dragon of constipation and then shat all over it. Bravo.

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I'm a woman with PCOS and no matter how much I pluck, I always have spots that look darker on my chin due to hirsutism (hair growth). Any suggestion on covering this up? Also, how would you suggest a woman with little makeup experience to look flawless? I usually just do foundation, powder (if oily), blush, mascara, and tinted chapstick. But I never look great. The foundation looks too heavy, or the lipstick doesn't match right. Any online tutorials you suggest that don't involve going out and buying a crap ton of products?

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Your station may have more tables or higher turnover than RC. RC may be more expensive, but you sit at the table for longer. Most steakhouses have small sections, too, so the customers get the best service possible.