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Did you ever smoke tobacco?

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OK, didn't see this come up in previous questions, so here goes:

A younger relative racked up about $160k in STUDENT LOAN DEBT that he didn't pay for a while due to being out of work. Collections agencies called him (and me) for a while and it appears now he's making payments, at least sporadically. He is in a state of despair because he is not making good money, is married, lives with his mom and basically feels the creditors owns him.

What options does someone who has a lot of student loan debt that has already gone into collections have? Bankruptcy I understand is rarely an option for student loan debt. Can any negotiating be done with the creditors? Thanks in advance.

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Do you take any medications for this and do they help?

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Hello: How does the open concept office trend affect deep work principles, in your estimation?

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Ernest question...not sure why the downvotes. You haven't said anything offensive.

I'm going to agree with you...the obsession/hangup with race/gender/sexuality in this country is a fucking drag for those of us who don't personally see it as an issue. I understand it's mostly necessary , since so many people here still need to cut the shit and just evolve already, but for those of us who've entered the 21st, it's tiresome.

And as far as NPR goes, liberation politics makes up about 75% of their reporting, limiting its appeal to people like me. I prefer the BBC for more diverse and balanced news.