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Wtf? You sure it just wasn't a glass dildo of some kind?

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Just because they're family doesn't make them good people.

I cut my drug addict father out of my life. Nothing even close to your experience. From about 6 years old, the only times I've ever heard from him was if he was in prison or the hospital. He died as he lived, with a needle in his arm.

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As stupid as this sounds, video games helped me identify gun shots. I was up late one night, and heard shots on the street outside my window. I thought to myself, "Those were gun shots. I know what they sound like." I woke up my brother and mother, but they didn't believe me until the police came around asking what everyone saw. It really really really sucks that a military simulation game informs your real life.

Edit: A video game didn't teach me to murder anyone with military style precision. It allowed me to identify gunshots, and recognize a dangerous situation.

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Were you guys pressured to push pre-orders that badly? Do employees/corporate know that customers fucking hate that?

I went into a Gamestop to get a game the day of release. As she was ringing me out she gave me a lecture about how I should have pre-ordered it. She made it seem like I wouldn't have any fun unless I had pre-ordered it first. She tried to guilt me with an attitude like, "Well.... You would have gotten the Gamestop skin if you pre-ordered it." She said it like it was this HUGE bonus I would have gotten. I told her that I was super happy never getting that skin.

I use to go to this store multiple times a month, but after this I never shopped at that store again.

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That's so toxic. I don't understand why corporate doesn't see that it's bad customer service to push something onto customers that they don't want.

I recently bought furniture, and I was subjected to something similar again. The place sells a protection plan on furniture, but doesn't cover pet damage. I have a cat. So I told them politely that I wasn't interested. I was given a call a few weeks later that my furniture was on back order. Oh and it just so happens the person on the phone noticed I didn't have the protection plan, and asked if I would like to add it. It wasn't too late. I again told them I have a cat and that damage isn't covered so no. A few weeks later I was called again letting me know my furniture was on back order even further. I canceled and went into the store to find a new sofa, as I had been waiting a month already. I wasn't about to wait another month for a sofa. I picked out a new sofa, and had started the order process. Again the person told me about the protection plan, and I politely said that I was not interested because I had a cat. The person said okay, and continued with my order. Their supervisor was walking buy, and noticed the protection plan wasn't on the bill on the computer, so she tried to sell it to me again. I interrupted her sales pitch with, "I know all about the plan, we have a cat. It doesn't cover pet damage, so we do not want it. I have been through this a few times, please stop asking about it." I felt rude, but I was fucking done hearing about it.

You're only decreasing my want to ever shop with you again when you push stuff I don't want on me relentlessly. What's wrong with just respecting my wants?