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lupeyman-15 karma

I won't speak on my opinion about your goals and accomplishments. That has nothing to do with you tossing around the fact that you "think you have autism". Or that you used to bind your breasts. congrats on being able to do what other people function at. People with terrible disorders are able to function and don't need to post their "tragic" stories on Reddit.

lupeyman-32 karma

Ah I see. And when you realize that not everyone falls for this karma whoring bullshit, what will you do then?

lupeyman-32 karma

Oh yeah? Best of luck trying to get people to feel bad for you. I have family members that do the exact same shit. "Oops I accidentally revealed too much information, I hope this doesn't cause you to feel bad for me"

lupeyman-33 karma

Did you know right away when you got these disabilities that you would use them for attention and karma whoring?